Our staff and committee members in the function of MCR foot ware  distribution.

Advisory  Committee members

            MAHELERECEN work with the under the guideline of following  committee members.

  1. Mr. Kasper Jansen -Netherlands.
  2. Mrs. Agnes Benedictus- Netherlands.
  3. Sr.Sarah Kusekel - Germany 

Our Board Members and Officials

  1. Mr. V.Albert                        --   President.
  2. Mr.S. Thomas                     --   Vice- President        
  3. Mr. T. M Francis                  --   Secretary
  4. Mr. Vincent                         --   Treasurer.
  5. Mr.A. Don Bosco                 --   Joint Secretary
  6. Dr. S. Maria Xavier Turtius    --   Founder cum Executive Secretary.
  7. Mr. A. Vincent.                    --  Programme Associate
  8. Mr. M. Raja                         --  National Programme Coordinator 
  9. Dr Ravi Kumar MBBS           --  Medical Consultant
  10. Mrs.Kodeswari                     -- Nurse

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Founder's Profile
          Dr. Maria Xavier Turtius is the Founder cum Executive Secretary of this Society. He has rich experience and the Required qualifications in the field of leprosy. He is trained in Technical qualification:
1). Leprosy Inspector,
2). Non-Medical Supervisor and 
3) Health Educator.

            He is having 50 years of experience and he is also one of the Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP). He has been trained and experienced to detect the Leprosy cases and to give treatment. He has thorough knowledge of deformity corrections and also experienced in Socio-Economic Rehabilitation programme for disabled (deformity) leprosy cases.

                    In the field of Administration he can control the Staff and conduct the leprosy Clinic. He has served in various NGO of Social service Organization such as the

1. Sacred Heart Leprosy Hospital, Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu,
2. M.T.Memorial Leprosy Centre,Tatamangalam, Palakkadu, Kerala State, and
3. NILES project, Cunoor, Nilgiri, Tamilnadu. and he  is also Founder of the "MADURAI HEALTH AND LEPROSY RELIEF CENTRE".    

Education :-
He underwent leprosy Inspector course from 1966 to 1967 in German Leprosy Center at Chetpet near Vellore, Tamil Nadu. He has completed Leprosy Health education course at Gandhi Memorial Leprosy Foundation, Wardha. Maharastra in the year of 1974 and also completed Non Medical Supervisor(NMS) course at Schieffelin Leprosy Research Centre, Karigiri in the year of 1978.

Working Experience:-
a. Sacred Heart Hospital, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu (1967-1985)
He served as a Leprosy Inspector and also worked as a Non medical supervisor in the Sacred Heart Hospital, Kumbakonam from 1967 to 1985. During this period he has completed Leprosy Health education course at Gandhi Memorial Leprosy Foundation, Wardha. Maharastra in the year of 1974 and also completed Non Medical Supervisor course at Schieffelin Leprosy Research Centre, Karigiri in the year of 1978.

b. Mar Themotheous Memorial Leprosy Centre Hospital, Kerala.
He worked as a Non Medical Supervisor, Health educator and  field officer at Mar Themotheous Memorial Leprosy Centre hospital(MTM Hospital), Thattamangalam, Palkadu  district, Kerala from 1985 to 1991.

c. NILES project, (Nilgiri leprosy Eradication Programme),Ooty, Tamil Nadu.
In the year of 1991, he has organized survey work in NILES project, Cunoor, Nilgiri, Tamilnadu. Under His supervision three leprosy inspectors worked in that project. Now  one of the leprosy Inspector Mr. Jasudas B.A, is working as a in charge of the NILS project.  
       While he was serving as a leprosy Inspector He trained six new Leprosy workers in kumbakonam and Nine workers in Kerala.

      Having twenty five years experience in the field of the eradication of leprosy he thought it would be better to start a society so that he can utilize his  knowledge and skill for the benefit of the leprosy patients. Hence he started a society on the 9th August 1991, and registered it under Tamil Nadu society registration Act 1961. The registration number is 184/91. 
    From 1991 Shri Maria Xavier Turtius is functioning as a organizer, health educator and Executive secretary of Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre Society. he is doing administration of the organization and also supervision of all activities. he is authorized person to implement of programme activities of health education, case detection, treatment and Rehabilitation services.

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Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre
(Registered non- profit voluntary organization working for 'Leprosy eradication  and Rehabilitation)
Register under the  Tamil Nadu Society's Registration Act 1961, 12A & 80G of Income Tax and FCRA    
29th Foundation Day  9th August 2019