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  1. 24th Foundation Day celebrations -August 9.

  1. Goonj NGO visited our lepers in June 2014
  2. Medical team Village Visit  Dindigul district 12th April 2014.
  3. Rehabilitation Programme - 4 Beneficiaries benefited- 6 th April 2014               

  1. Mahelerecen is participating in NGO INDIA-2013 Giving Back at Mumbai  exhibition  14-15 June(more).
  2. DAMIEN-DUTTON SOCIETY FOR LEPROSY,USA  visit our organization.
  3. Rehabilitation loan given to 2 leprosy patients -April 2013(more)
  4. Leprosy awareness programme to YMCA High School for Deaf school, Madurai on 14th February 2013
  5. NSS Leprosy awareness programme in NSS camp students at Poovanthi village, Sivagangai district, India
  6. Health education through Audio Visual DVDs
  7. Rehabilitation support to leprosy patient
  8. New Leprosy cases detected in School students
  9. Blanket to uncared leprosy patient.
  10. Mahelerecen is participating in NGO INDIA-2012 exhibition at Gurgoan, New Delhi from 16-18th March 2012.
mahelerecen's Dindigul village Medical service -Leprosy photoset mahelerecen's Dindigul village Medical service -Leprosy photoset
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Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre
(Registered non- profit voluntary organization working for 'Leprosy eradication  and Rehabilitation)
Register under the  Tamil Nadu Society's Registration Act 1961, 12A & 80G of Income Tax and FCRA    
29th Foundation Day  9th August 2019