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We are the registered organization in
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We seek volunteers from the following
Interested persons can be contact us through
Our e-mail : humanhealthserve@rediffmail.com
                         We invite you to give your voluntary services of
Social service volunteering
We seek social service volunteers for project writing, fundraising, program organizing etc for our projects.

Medical Volunteering
We are seeking Medical volunteers  of Doctors, Nurses, health visitors, paramedical staff, physiotherapist for medical project. This medical team can go to rural field visit for diagnose and treatment .

Fundraisers (Weekly 3 hours only)
fundraising volunteers can spend your time weekly 3 hours use this URL : http://danamojo.org/dm/mahelerecen

Educational Volunteering (currently closed )
We seek Educational volunteer of Health educators, Nutritionist ,teachers, tutors, language lecturers for educational service.
Volunteeer Mr Cyrille Haba - Administration & Finance fromthe period of Feb 2014 - Jan 2015 Guinea
                                                                                    Mr Sathya Ram Medical volunteer from USA (April 2014)
                                                         November 2011, Mrs. Sarah from Germany , who worked with our ourganization
                                                         2016 - Dr Stephan from Netherlands
                                                         2017 - Dr Segolen and Mr Arnaud Neo from Belgium

         Our First volunteers early 2008 were Mrs. Agnes and Mr. Kasper from the  Netherlands, who worked with our organization for 6 months.

        We are interested to get your cooperation for any of the programmes mentioned below for our activities of ,
online application form please click here  
Volunteers contact form 
Student volunteers
Interested student volunteer, you can do your under/post Graduate project with our charitable organization.
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Phone/ What's app 91-8754210273
Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre
(Registered non- profit voluntary organization working for 'Leprosy eradication  and Rehabilitation)
Register under the  Tamil Nadu Society's Registration Act 1961, 12A & 80G of Income Tax and FCRA    
29th Foundation Day  9th August 2019
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